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Phentermine Australia Prescription

Phentermine – An Overview

Phentermine is an appetite suppressing drug which is designed to aid weight reduction in obesity sufferers. It is normally prescribed to people who have higher medical risks due to their weight and functions by assisting the release of specific chemicals inside the brain which regulate appetite.

In America, Phentermine is classed as a schedule IV drug, meaning that it is regarded as a controlled substance. Patients can take it intravenously, through insufflation or orally. It is also marketed under different brand names, such as Ionamin, Adipex and Fastin.

Phentermine alternative available to buy over the counter without prescription. Phen375 is a completely legal diet pill available in Australia, and of course most other countries that allow free trade.

Read about Phen375

Phentermine operates similarly to amphetamine. It elevates blood pressure and boosts the heart rate by stimulating the nervous system. More specifically, Phentermine affects the hypothalamus area of the brain causing the adrenal glands to produce norepinephrine, a chemical messenger or neurotransmitter which triggers a “flight or fight” reaction, lowering hunger cravings.

Phentermine additionally functions away from the brain, to produce adrenaline or epinephrine which causes the cells of fat to break any stored fat down, although its’ main principle of effectiveness is quelling hunger. In clinically correct dosages, Phentermine also releases dopamine and serotonin, but in a far lower quantity than norepinephrine. The drug is meant to be a wholesome treatment for weight loss and incorporate dieting along with exercise.

Phentermine might result in side effects like insomnia, constipation, a dry mouth, an increase in blood pressure and blurred vision. It is available only on a GP prescription to people with a BMI equal to or larger than 30kg/m2, or equal to or larger than 27kg/m2 for heart disease risk factors.

This drug ought not to be taken by those suffering from heart disease, glaucoma and high blood pressure, or anyone who has a thyroid gland that is overactive. Dosages of Phentermine should also not be combined with any other medication for weight loss.

The dosages prescribed to obesity suffers vary, dependent on an individual’s medical history. Chewing, breaking or crushing the diet pills is strictly not recommended. Anyone who is under sixty years old, is prescribed an oral dose of 15 to 37.5mg each day, 1 to 2 hours before breakfast (if the pills are in tablet form).

Should the pills be in resin coated capsule form, the dose is 15 to 30mg each day prior to breakfast. For anyone over sixty, the GP may lower the dosage slowly. Phentermine diet pills should NOT be taken by children under sixteen years or infants. Should, a person ever suffer an overdose of Phentermine, the closest poison control center should be called immediately, citing emergency.

Because of its’ significant side-effects, Phentermine is not meant to be used long term. The artificial reduction of hunger cravings that this drug produces are temporary. Unless a person’s desire to eat is controlled voluntarily, it will result in weight being regained.

It garnered FDA approval in 1959 for short term obesity treatment as an appetite suppressant or anorectic. The ‘Food and Drug Administration’ also advises that Phentermine should only be employed as a temporary treatment, for no more than twelve weeks.

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Phen375 South Africa

Where To Buy Phen375 In South Africa

Phen375 is truly a worldwide product with availability in nearly every country across the globe. The lastest product to be granted availability is South Africa with freedom of commerce anywhere in the country.

Ordering Phen375 has to be done via the the official US based website – there is not a South African pharmacy or stockist who can legally supply the diet product.

How To Order Phen375 If I Am In South Africa

Ordering is easy and straightforward, simply click the link below to be taken to the official US Phen375 website and follow the on screen prompts

Buy Phen375 Direct



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Pharmacies Chemists That Sell Phen375

Chemists & Pharmacies That Sell Phen375 In Australia

Phen375 is not available to buy at the following Australian chemists and pharmacists. Phen375 is only available to buy from the official website.

Phen375 ships to most countries worldwide including Australia.

Phen375 is the legal alternative to Phentermine and manufactured to high standards using premium ingredients in FDA registered laboratories and facilities.

The current best value package is the Buy 4 and Get 2 Free Deal – this includes a FREE Diet Plan Booklet.

Click here to view exclusive special offers via official website

  • API Health Care Pharmacy
  • Chemworld
  • Pharmacist Advice
  • Priceline Pharmacy
  • Soul Pattinson
  • Amcal
  • Amcal Max
  • Guardian
  • Chemmart
  • Terry White
  • National Pharmacies


  • Healthy Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy 4 Less
  • In2Health Pharmacy
  • Blooms The Chemist
  • Chemist Warehouse/My Chemist–Australia’s largest pharmacy retailer
  • Capital Chemist
  • Pharmacy 777
  • Pharmacy Help
  • Pulse Pharmacy
  • Pharmore
  • YouSave Chemist
  • Greg’s Discount Chemist
  • Pharmasave
  • Oze-Pharmacy
  • Mediccom Superdrugs
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Buy Phen375 New Zealand

Where To Buy Phen375 In New Zealand

Phen375 is a phenomenally successful and effective diet pill and continues to enjoy worldwide success in countries as such as The United States, The United Kingdom, Central and Northern Europe and Australia.

Now, Phen375 is available to order and buy without Prescription in New Zealand direct.

  • Burns Fat
  • Suppresses Appetite
  • No Prescription Required

What Makes Phen375 So Successful

“Phen375 is the result of years of study into the effect of Phentermine, long recognized as the strongest appetite suppressant and fat burner ever produced.” 

Manufactured is FDA approved facilities and using pharmaceutical grade but synthetic ingredients, it was introduced to the market in 2009,

Phen375 is a 100% legal commercially available diet pill comprising some of the most potentl fat-burning ingredients ever created.

These not only work to significantly increase the metabolism, suppress appetite, and break down fatty tissue, but also have the capability to decrease the body’s ability to store fat.

Where To Buy Phen375 In New Zealand

Can be ordered directly from the official website – all price quoted are in US dollars, please convert to NZD before purchasing.

Order Phen375 Direct

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Where To Buy Phentermine In Australia

Can I Buy Phentermine In Australia

Phentermine is a weight loss drug that is sometimes prescribed by Australian doctors to patients who are at increased medical risk because of their weight, rather than purely cosmetic weight loss.

Phentermine is a potent medication, It is classed as an amphetamine and so a controlled substance which means it is restricted – Phentemine375 can be purchased without prescription but only from the official website.

Duromine, Ionomine and Adipex are just three of the more popular branded products. These are only available via prescription.

Phen375 is a non-prescription product and can be purchased direct. It is made from premeium pharmaceutical ingredients.

There is some dispute as to whether Phentermine is a banned substance in Australia. From time to time medication and drugs do change status – presently Phentermine is available and legal in Australia, but not to purchase either over the counter (OTC) at pharmacies or chemists or online.

Buying Phentermine Online

It is highly advised to resist the temptation to buy Phentermine online from the internet from any website that advertise and promote the sale of legitimate or authentic Phentermine no matter how legitimate it may seem. We cannot reiterate this point enough.

Phentermine is available either as an immediate-release formulation (Adipex) or as a slow-release resin (Ionamin, Duromine® in Australia and New Zealand).

Alternatives To Phentermine

The drug has been existence since the the 1950’s – it has remained almost unchanged in over half a century.

Phentermine still remains one of the sought after diet pills and is associated with high strength and quick weight loss, but it id also associated with the potential for side effects.

Phen375 is the legal, non prescription alternative to Phentermine.

Read more about Phen375









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Is Phen375 Legal In Australia

Phen375 Legal In Australia

Phen375 is a completely legal diet pill available in Australia, and of course most other countries that allow free trade.

It can be purchased from the official website and shipped to anywhere in Australia and to all states and territories including: Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

It is not classed as a drug, it is also non-addictive and contains both natural and synthetic ingredients.

If you live in Australia shipping is frequent and daily courtesy of the United States Postal Service – Priority International Mail service.

You can receive Phen375 without any issues brought about by the DHEA. Rest assured you will not be shipped any product or ingredient that contravenes the DHEA.

Phen375 ships via priority International postal service.

The price of delivery/shipping of International priority service is the same for all quantities regardless if you order a single bottle or a dozen its a set and standard fee from the postal service.

Standard delivery time is between 7 and 14 business days, Phen375 has an average shipping time of 7 to 10 days but the postal office or your customs can have a bearing for clearance of packages for deliveries. For this this reason we quote 14 days.



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Australia Customer Information About Phen375

Order Phen375 Australia

Phen375 is now available to buy In Australia. The pharmacy grade Phentermine alternative can be purchased without the need of a prescription.

Currently, all orders are routed through the official website, there is no Australian chemist or pharmacy that stocks the product.

Prices are listed in US dollars so please calculate the current price using the American Dollar to Australian Dollar widget on the left hand side bar of this website.

Phen375 will not only help you to reduce your daily calorie intake, it will also help your body to burn excess fat.

  • Helps to keep your daily calorie count under control
  • Helps your body burn its own fat reserves
  • Increases satiety (fullness) so you will eat less per meal
  • Prevent hunger between meals avoiding the need to snack
  • Stimulates muscle tissue, prevent muscle loss while you are dieting

Buy today and take advantage of the limited time offer –  diet plan and cellulite reduction report included FREE with your order.


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